Ancaster Community Food Drive

2023 - 30th Plus 1

Emerging from the past two years of COVID our excitement is growing as we plan for the full participation of the community in our 30th plus 1 Ancaster community food drive.

With a cumulative total of 1,898,500 lbs. of food donated to date

It is anticipated that with the engagement of hundreds of volunteers and the generosity of the community we will celebrate another milestone and achieve the 2,000,000 lbs. of food donated.

Supporting Hamilton Area Emergency Food Bank and Community Service Agencies

Thanking the community of Ancaster for the cumulative total of 1,898,500 lbs. of donated food.


As we emerge from the past 2 years of COVID-19 and the many restrictions and isolation required for our collective health & safety, our excitement is now growing as we begin our planning for the “Comeback Tour” and the 30th plus 1 Ancaster Community Food Drive in 2023.

Although the pandemic forced us to conduct our drive virtually for the past 2 years, the community supported the continued need with a total of over $110,000.00 dollars donated to the various food bank agencies. A huge achievement, but it was lacking the most wonderful attribute and magic that happens when hundreds of volunteers come together on the day of the Ancaster Community Food Drive. This community of volunteers, like a fine orchestra, work in perfect harmony going door to door throughout Ancaster to collect a mountain of food, return to the Ancaster fairgrounds where it will all be sorted, packaged, weighed and loaded on to the trucks of the Agencies serving the people of our city of Hamilton.

It is this power of many hands uniting in a single purpose that has resulted in the success of the ACFD and cumulative total of 1,898,500 lbs. of food donated since our humble beginning over 3 decades ago. As we prepare for the return of the full engagement of the Ancaster community at the Ancaster Fairgrounds, we have the added excitement of being able to achieve and surpass the next milestone of having collected 2,000,000 lbs. of food! Having missed the opportunity to celebrate together our 30th anniversary in March of 2022, we intend to relive this moment at our 30th plus 1 event on Saturday March 4, 2023.


You are invited to join us at this very much missed in-person celebration: The 2023 Annual Ancaster Community Food Drive - 30th plus 1 Anniversary and the achievement of reaching the 2 Million Pound Milestone!


Important Dates for the 30th Plus 1 2023 Ancaster Community Food Drive

Firestation Drop Offs

February 26th to March 4th


365 Wilson St W, Ancaster, ON L9G 4X4


661 Garner Rd E, Ancaster, ON L9K 0C8

Flyer Day:


February 25, 2023

School Pick Up Day:


March 2, 2023

Actual Food Drive Day:


March 4, 2023

Thank you for your support!

ACFD Organizing Committee


Supported Agencies


Click on the logo below to be redirected to our supported agencies secure donation websites in support of the food drive, in the event you are unable to participate in the door to door drive on Saturday March 4, 2023. Although our focus is returning to the full engagement of the community and collection of non perishable food donations, the agencies are extremely grateful for any financial donations received. Where possible please add "Ancaster Community Food Drive" to messages/comments on applicable donation pages.

For individuals wishing to make a donation in support of the 30th Plus 1 Ancaster Community Food Drive in the more traditional manner via a cheque, please see directions below.

Our agencies thank you for your support!

  1. Identify the Agency of choice from the following list, the date and amount of donation.
  2. In the memo section of your cheque identify “Ancaster Food Drive“ to alert the agency and have them record your donation accordingly.
  3. Once the cheque is completed – place in an envelope with the Agency name and corresponding address as listed to ensure that your donation is received at the appropriate agency office and processed.
  4. The Agency will provide a donation receipt for tax purposes as applicable.

 Ancaster Community Services

300 Wilson Street East L9G 2B9

 Good Venture Shepherd Centre

c/o Brother Terrence 155 Cannon St. Hamilton, Ont. L8N 3R1

Hamilton Food Share

339 Barton St. Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E 2L2

Mission Services

PO Box 368 196 Wentworth St. N L8L 7W2

Neighbour to Neighbour

28 Athens St. Hamilton, On. L9C 3K9

St Matthew’s House

414 Barton Street East. Hamilton. L8L 2Y3

The Salvation Army

80 Bay St. N. Hamilton, Ont. L8R 3N3

Wesley Urban Ministries

52 Catharine Street North Hamilton, ON L8R 1J1

The Accomplishments of the Ancaster Community Food Drive.

30+1 Years

1,898,500 lbs of found collected

8 Local Supported Agencies

17 Organizers


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us.

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