$67,111 Raised in 2021! Thank you Ancaster! [March 11, 2021 Update]

It is with great pride and much gratitude that we announce the results of our 29th Ancaster Community Virtual food Drive with a remarkable $ 67,111.00 and 111.85 % of our campaign target.

Together as one community we restrained our instinct to gather, going out into our community, knocking on doors and collecting a mountain of food as we have done for almost three decades to maintaining our social distance and reduce the spread of COVID 19. The tremendous demands that have been placed on our food bank and community service agencies as a result of the pandemic, has been matched by the generosity of the people through their donations to this campaign. The funds donated are already having an impact on the operations of the various agencies in responding to the critical need for emergency food services at this point in mid winter and we acknowledge their commitment and dedication in providing these most essential services and the hope and comfort that they bring to those in need.
A special acknowledgement to the Hamilton Community Foundation and the signature donation of the Fengate Community Foundation Fund, for their generous donation at the outset of the campaign, which set the tone and generated excitement throughout our community. “It is in giving that we receive” and our hope and wish for all who participated in any way to the success of this campaign, that your kindness and generosity be returned to you in equal or greater measure.
As we look to next year and our path through this pandemic, we long for a return to a more normal socially interactive life and the promise of a celebration of community for our 30th anniversary Ancaster Community Food Drive on Saturday March 5, 2022 at the Ancaster Fairgrounds.


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COVID19 has forced restrictions on Social Gatherings and Public Health Guidelines. It has also placed tremendous increased demands on the Emergency Food Bank and Community Service Agencies. As a result, the Ancaster Community Food Drive for this year of 2021 will move to a virtual and online format. Our Campaign, as in past years, will focus on promotion through various media platforms culminating during the week of Sunday, February 28 through to Saturday March 6, 2021.

$67,111 Raised in 2021

2021 Goal : $60,000

Choose one or more of the 8 agencies below to contribute to

Click on the logos below to be redirected to our supported agencies SECURE donation websites now. Together we can ensure our local critical emergency food services to can continue to support our neighbors in need during a worldwide health emergency.


29th Annual Ancaster Community Food Drive is going virtual in 2021! [February 22nd Update]

The beloved annual Ancaster Community Food Drive is going virtual this year! The Ancaster Food Drive comes at a time of year when food banks are most in need of donations to stock their shelves. Every dollar you give will ensure our neighbours receive the food they need to feed themselves and their families. The residents of Ancaster are asking the broader community to support the long-standing community tradition of generously helping people in need in every neighbourhood across the city.


“We know pivoting to a fund drive this year is new. To inspire those in the community to give differently this year, we are thrilled to announce that the Fengate Community Foundation Fund will “kick off” the community drive with a generous donation of $31,200 ($3,900 to each of the 8 supported organizations) Fengate is long time supporter in the fight against hunger and we welcome their amazing support,” states Jim LoPresti co-chairman of the Ancaster Food Drive Organizing Committee.

“At Fengate, we believe in supporting the communities where we do business. The Ancaster Food Drive is helping people who are experiencing some of the greatest needs in recent history. Our company and our team are both proud and humbled to be able to extend support through our fund at Hamilton Community Foundation, and hope that the food drive will serve to inspire others to consider how they can contribute – in any way at this critical time,” says Lou Serafini Jr., President and CEO, Fengate Asset Management.

All funds raised will be distributed to the following supported agencies for food purchases; Ancaster Community Services, Hamilton Food Share, Good Shepherd Centres, Neighbour to Neighbour, The Salvation Army, Wesley Urban Ministries, Mission Services of Hamilton and St. Matthew’s House. Financial support may be directed to any participating organization.

Hamilton Food Share supplies approximately 4 million pounds of food each year to 13 food banks and 7 hot meal programs who report over 22,000 visits per month.

The Fengate Community Foundation Fund brings life to the high value Fengate places on good corporate citizenship through philanthropy, ensuring donations and support reach causes and programs with the most need.

ACFD Committee


We’re going virtual! [February 14th Update]

Together as one community, we continue to respond to the challenges and restrictions to our normal and instinctive patterns of behavior in defending ourselves against the COVID19 pandemic. Notwithstanding our basic instincts , yearning and desires to come together as we have done for the past 28 years, the Organizing Committee has made the difficult decision that our 29th Ancaster Community Food Drive , scheduled for Saturday March 6, 2021 will not take place this year. For almost three decades, thousands of people from the community of Ancaster, including our schools, businesses, Service Clubs and faith communities have come together in mid winter to replenish the depleted shelves of the food bank agencies serving our city of Hamilton. Looking back to March of 2020, the remarkable generosity of our community in food collected and financial donations for bulk purchases through Hamilton FoodShare, resulted in an impressive 102,000 lbs. of food for the food bank and community service agencies of Hamilton. Since the beginning of the Ancaster Community Food Drive, an accumulated total of 1,856,500 lbs. has been collected and donated to families in need throughout our city.

Although the current circumstances and requirements for continued social distancing and safety precautions due to the pandemic will prevent us from gathering in March 2021, the demands on our food bank and community service agencies has never been greater. We know the importance of the ACFD on providing a significant infusion of food during this mid winter period when the shelves of many agencies are almost empty. We remain confident that our continued sacrifices today, will get us to a better place and the hope that our 30th anniversary food drive in March of 2022, will be an awesome celebration of community.

In order to respond as a community to this unprecedented challenge in 2021, we invite your support for the 29th Ancaster Community Virtual Food Drive campaign culminating on Saturday March 6, 2021. We will not be knocking on your door this year, but we do hope you will be moved to making a financial donation directly to the agencies supported by the ACFD.

Although we will not be able to celebrate together this year, sharing the same physical space at the Ancaster Fairgrounds, let us share the warmth in our hearts that comes from service to others who need our help. Let us show this city the wonderful power and promise of having many individuals responding to the call to make a financial donation and to be able to do it from the convenience of the own computer, tablet or cell phone. Let us show our friends at these important agencies just how much Ancaster cares!

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