2017 Ancaster Community Food Drive Update

November 15, 2017

On Saturday, March 4, 2017, the Community of Ancaster came together to celebrate the 25th Anniversary Ancaster Community Food Drive.

As a community we were welcomed to our new home, a spacious location at the Ancaster Fairgrounds and hundreds of volunteers went out into the community, knocking on doors and were greeted with the tremendous generous spirit of residents reflected in their donations of food items and financial support.

With the launch of our new website and preparation for our 25th Anniversary Food Drive the committee established a working partnership with Hamilton Food Share to leverage their bulk purchasing power. Many residents have provided a financial donation with their hope that the organizing committee could maximize the purchase of food items needed by the agencies supporting families throughout our city of Hamilton.

Through our arrangement with Hamilton Food Share we achieved that goal of being able to maximize the amount of non-perishable food purchased in pounds for each dollar of donated funds. A total of $9,055.00 was received by Hamilton Food Share from donations associated with the Ancaster Community Food Drive and through their bulk purchasing power, our contribution in addition to the financial investment of Food Share produced an order of goods received of which our portion has been confirmed at a value of 18,000lbs of food.

Our notification to the community of our tremendous success of the 25th Anniversary Food Drive reporting a total of 102,500lbs of food included the estimation of this additional bulk food purchase which has been confirmed. On Saturday, March 4, 2017 a total of 84,500lbs of food was collected and accounted for at the food drive. Monetary donations of $9055.00 directed to Hamilton Food Share for food purchases was recorded with an estimated value of (2X) in weight or 18,000lbs.

This reflects the total reported collection of 102,500lbs. With the confirmation of the 18,000lbs of food purchased through Hamilton Food Share on behalf of the Ancaster Community Food Drive, the committee can report with confidence the total of 102,500lbs as an accurate reflection of the generosity of the community of Ancaster in support of the 8 agencies serving the residents throughout the city of Hamilton.

Ancaster Community Food Drive Logo

Committee Members

Stuart Bootsma
Edel Caldwell
Kelly Caldwell
Frank Ernest
Tom Ippolito
Betty Kobayashi
Nell Konkin
Jim LoPresti
Christina Lovering
Jan Lukas
John Morrison
Cathy Morrison
Erin Paterson
Steve Paterson
Bob Patterson
Laurie Ptolemy
Michael Richards

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